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Our Story

We at Cleanstreak™ are passionate about cleaning! We are so passionate that we wanted to find ways to make cleaning products as a whole better, time saving and much more effective. We were intrigued by the idea of cleaning with just water to reduce the uses of harmful chemicals... so we began.


We started with the bare bones of cleaning, that being the wipes and cloths. Furthermore, we were not happy with regular microfibres and tissue papers due to them leaving lint, stains and streaks whilst degrading over time. So we had to find a solution.  We gathered a team of passionate cleaning experts, engineers and haberdashers to create the world's best and most effective professional cleaning cloth.

From our studies and designs with the collaborate effort of our team, we were able to combine science and textiles to create the perfect cloth.

And we did! The Cleanstreak™ Magic cloth.

With customers all over the world, we have had the greatest feedback on our flagship Magic Cloths.

Our prime goal is to change the view of cleaning from being a household chore to a more fun experience. You don't need to sweat whilst cleaning. We want you to save your energy and time whilst providing you with a quick and efficient cleaning experience.

We have also been able to expand our product line on the success of our Magic cloths! Not only that, but we now have various cleaning products to help with all your cleaning needs whether it be trouble with pet hair to kitchen accessories, we are sure you will find a unique product for your needs. 

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